About Study Abroad India

The man has been on the planet Earth since an eternity. While our time here, in our quest for knowledge we have learned and developed new techniques so as to improve knowledge and quality of life. Once the basic requirements such as food, clothing, and shelter are met, humans tend to begin on new ventures. As the time passed we felt the need to pass on our experiences to the next generation so that their upcoming generations would not have to learn from their own experiences, and this how the knowledge pool was developed. Initially, this process took place through the word of mouth stories and folktales. As the time passed, better communication skills like rock paintings, mud and stone tablet engravings, and tree bark along with leaves were developed and used to pass on the knowledge.

As the time elapsed, man developed further and created paper books and formed institutions know as schools, where trained people in the form of Gurus or teachers imparted knowledge to their pupils. During the ancient times, India was a study hub, and travelers and pupils used to visit universities like Nalanda & Taxila which were considered the best knowledge centers of the world. India has played a major role in educating the present world, and as bad luck would have it we are lagging behind in the field of education today. A great writer has said "The show must go on" and the upcoming generations will always be in need of more knowledge, and to gain that students must visit different universities spread all over the world. We at Study Abroad India assist the aspiring students to locate these universities in their quest for knowledge so that they can bring betterment to society.